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This process has been taken up by the Electoral Commission of South Africa, which declared the beginning of the second weekend of voter registration for South Africa.

The 2024 National Elections and Provincial Elections are a success. Today, Sunday February 4, 2024 , is the deadline to register as a voter.

South African Voter Registration

Voter registration in South Africa is the first and most important step to making sure your voice is heard.

You still have time to register today for the national and local elections in 2024.

This process has been taken up by the Electoral Commission of South Africa, which declared the beginning of the second weekend of voter registration for South Africa.

Elections in 2024 at the National and Provincial Level will be successful.

What is the voting age in South Africa and who can vote?

You must satisfy the following requirements to register as a voter in South Africa:


  • South African citizenship is required.
  • The minimum voting age is 16, but you cannot vote until you are 18.
  • A valid South African identity document is required.
    • South African Identity Book (ID) with barcodes in Green
    • Smart Card Identification
    • Valid Temporary Identity Certificate
  • If you don’t have your South African official ID yet, but have requested it and obtained a temporary number for ID registration you can still register.
  • You can register to vote if you’re a South African living overseas, though there are some additional requirements. Details are available on the IEC’s website: :
  • You can only register at your registered voting station.

Voter Registration South Africa

Voter Registration South Africa Process

South Africa’s online voter registration system

Before you begin:

  • Be sure to have these items ready.
    • Your South African ID card (front page and back of Smart ID or front page for the green barcoded ID).
    • A utility bill or a bank statement can be used to prove residency.
    • You will need a device that can access the portal, and an internet connection.

How to Register Online:

  • Open the IEC Voter Registration Portal:
  • To begin the application process, click “Begin Application Process”.
  • Enter your correct ID number and select the ID type you have.
  • Fill in all the details as shown on your identification document.
  • You can either choose your address or enter it manually. It must be your residential address as this is where you will vote.
  • Use the camera on your mobile device to take clear photos of both sides your ID and proof of residency. Ensure they have been uploaded correctly.
  • Verify that all information is correct by reviewing your application. Click “Submit” once you are satisfied.
  • Email will be sent to you with a number of reference and instructions. This number is for your future use.

How to register and vote in South Africa

The first step in making your voice heard is to register to vote. Consider the following advice to ensure that your registration is smooth and efficient.

You should know:

  • Prepare your documents. Make sure you have your South African identity document (green barcoded identification, Temporary Identity Certificate, or Smart ID) as well as proof of your residence (utility bills, bank statements, etc.). Ensure you have your documents readily accessible.
  • Select your registration method. Decide whether you will register online, at an IEC branch, or by waiting for future registration drives.
  • Internet connection must be stable: When registering for a course online, you will need a strong internet connection to upload documents.
  • Only register at your registered voting station.
  • Check your information carefully to ensure accuracy and avoid delays.
  • Please allow processing time. It may take as long as 7 days to approve your application.
  • You can check your registration status by using your reference number or calling the IEC National Contact Centre (800 11 8633).
  • Spread the word and encourage others to participate in democracy.
  • Online resources are available: the IEC site offers information on how to register as a voter.
  • The official IEC App will keep you informed of all elections and voter registration campaigns.
  • Contact IEC National Contact Centre if you need help.

Voter Registration South Africa Deadline

In South Africa, the deadline to register as a voter is February 4, 2024. The deadline for registering to vote in the South African elections is Sunday, February 4, 2024.

South Africans living overseas can register in person, at registration centers designated for that purpose. They may also do so online. In addition to traditional registration in person, the Electoral Commission of South Africa has introduced an online option for South African citizens living abroad.

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