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Virginia General Assembly recently passed legislation offering rebates of up to $200 for individual filers and $400 for joint filers who filed their 2022 individual income tax returns by November 1, 2023.

VA Tax Rebate Status

In 2023, Virginia General Assembly lawmakers passed legislation providing taxpayers with tax liability rebates of up to $200 for single filers and $400 for joint filers.

Taxpayers looking to qualify must file their 2022 individual income tax return by November 2023 in order to receive their rebate, which won’t incur federal taxes if only standard deduction was claimed, while itemised deductions would potentially require paying income taxes on it.

Eligible taxpayers can check on the status of their rebate using Virginia Tax’s “Where’s My Refund?” tool.

VA Tax Rebate Eligibility

To be eligible for the Virginia tax rebate, all criteria listed must be fulfilled:

Filed my 2022 Virginia individual income tax return:

Form VA-1, VA-2, VA-3 or VA-3EZ must have been submitted electronically or postmarked before October 31st 2023 in order to qualify.

Have a tax liability for 2022:

After taking into account any deductions and credits, this means you owe state income tax.

Individuals receiving only social security, disability payments or unemployment compensation typically do not owe taxes and therefore do not meet eligibility requirements for tax relief.

File your return by November 1st :

Late filers do not qualify for this rebate program.

Are You Claim the Earned Income Tax Credit on Your 2022 Return: If so, take note that an EITC claim can help mitigate tax penalties in 2022.

Individuals claiming the EITC do not qualify for this rebate.

Keep all your state taxes, child support payments and debts to state agencies current:

Outstanding debts could prevent you from qualifying for the rebate, so tracking it online may be your only hope to collect. Track Your VA Tax Rebate

Check your VA tax rebate status online: Step-by-Step Guide

Using the “Where’s My Refund” tool:

VA Tax Rebate Status

Visit Virginia Department of Taxation’s Refund site here: for further assistance.

Enter Your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Here

Enter your filing date using MM/DD/YYYY format. This date represents either when your electronically filed your return, or its postmark date on paper returns sent through mail.

Click “Submit,” and this tool will display the status of your refund processing, for instance:

Processing: Your return is still being reviewed for processing.

Your rebate has been approved and should arrive shortly.

Your rebate has been submitted either via direct deposit or mail and has already been delivered.

Other: If your status indicates any problems with your return, call our customer service number listed below for additional assistance.

VA Tax Rebate Amount

The Virginia tax rebate amount you may qualify for depends upon your filing status:

Individual filers: up to $200.

Joint filers: Up to $400.

However, please remember this is only an approximate figure and your actual rebate amount may differ based on your 2022 Virginia tax liability.

Factors Affecting VA Tax Rebate Timeline

There can be various factors which could prevent or delay receiving your Virginia tax rebate:

Individual Factors:

Filing Date: Early filers typically receive their rebate by March 5, 2024; later filers could experience delays depending on processing backlog.

Complexity: Returns with few errors tend to be processed more rapidly, while more intricate filings requiring manual review require extra processing time and require manual review for review before being accepted for filing.

Verification: Any information that requires verification (e.g. income discrepancies) could delay your rebate by weeks or even months.

Payment Method: Direct Deposit offers faster results than receiving paper checks.

Department of Taxation Factors:

Workforce Availabilty: Staffing levels and workload have the ability to greatly affect processing speed.

Technical Issues: System glitches or routine maintenance work may temporarily hinder processing speed.

Unexpected Circumstances: Emergent events such as natural disasters or cyber attacks may reduce processing times significantly.

Number of Eligible Filers: Multiple applicants can extend processing times.

Fund Availability: Rebate programs have an established budget. Once it has been exhausted, issuing rebates may need to be temporarily suspended until additional resources become available.

What if your rebate got delayed?

If your Virginia tax rebate has been delayed, here are a few steps you can take:

Check your status:

  • Use Where’s My Refund tool to track down and verify the status of your rebate.

Review the factors affecting the timeline:

Referring back to our prior advice regarding factors influencing rebate timeline.

Based on your situation, this could give some indication as to potential causes for the delay.

Wait patiently:

Remember, the Department of Taxation hopes to issue all eligible rebates by April 30, 2024.

If your filing date was early and your return was straightforward, take some time before taking further actions.

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