Surya Grahan 2024 in India Date and Time

Surya grahan, or the solar eclipse, has a scientific and cultural importance that is difficult to ignore. This is especially true in Indian culture. In 2024 there will be two solar eclipses, one on April 8 and the other on October 2. Stay tuned for more information.

Surya Grahan in India Date and Time

In India, there will be no solar eclipses this year. We’ll discuss the dates, times and other details.

First Surya Garhan:

  • Experts say that the first Surya Grahan, a total solar eclipse, will take place on 8 April, during Chaitra. According to ancient texts, a full solar eclipse is a very special astronomical event and has incredibly religious significance in our culture.
  • This is a rare occurrence that occurs after approximately 18 months. It will be an amazing sight to watch as the moon passes between the earth and sun to create a total solar eclipse.
  • On 8th April, the first solar eclipse begins at 9:12 pm and ends at 1:25 am. Surya Garhan will conclude for 4 hours, 39 minutes on April 8.
  • Sutak will not apply to Indians because the first solar eclipse won’t be visible. Do not be concerned about the rituals we perform during the Sutak Period.
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Second SuryaGrahan:

  • Surya Garhan 2024 will most likely take place on the 2nd of October. The eclipse will be annular, meaning that the moon won’t completely cover the sun as it passes between it and the earth. It will appear like a golden ring but with a blackened interior because the outer edge of sun will still be visible.
  • The second eclipse will start on the 2nd October night at 9:13 PM, and will last until 3:17 AM on the 3rd October 2024. This is almost 6 hours, 4 minutes and 4 seconds of solar eclipse.
  • This astronomical event is not visible from India.
Particular DateTime 
First Surya Garhan8 April, 202421:12 PM – 2:22 AM 
Second Surya Garhan2 October, 202421:13 PM – 3:17 PM

Surya Grahan 2024 in India Date and Time

Where can you see the total solar eclipse?

Let’s look at the places where the eclipse can be seen.

  • It will be visible from North and South America, Australia, East Asia, South-West Europe and North & South Poles.
  • It will first be visible from North America, then over the Pacific Ocean. Around 11:07 AM PDT, the eclipse will begin over the Pacific Ocean and move to the northeast. From Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri, as well as Kentucky, Ohio, New York and New Hampshire, it will be visible.

Solar eclipse: The Story Behind It

The solar eclipse has a connection to Rahu and Ketu. These planets were once Swarbhanu, a demon who became immortal after drinking the nectar of the Samudra Manthan between gods and demonics.

Solar eclipses occur when these planets Rahu and Ketu are in the astronomical sky.

Common Practice in India during Surya Garhan

Even though this year there is no Sutak for Indians, let’s still see what common practices are in India during Surya Garhan.

  • Fruits are permitted, but avoid eating or drinking during the Surya Garhan.
  • Use tulsi after the sutak season to preserve food.
  • Avoid applying oil to the hair or body.
  • Don’t worship gods.
  • Pregnant women should avoid the sun or cosmic rays during this time.

Inidans have a few common practices they follow to avoid bad luck during the Surya Garhan. Although science does not agree, Indian culture still follows these practices from ancient times. If you live outside India, or somewhere where you will see the solar eclipse, you can still follow your own culture.

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