Sosa v Onfido Settlement Payout Date

On November 9, 2023, the Court approved Sosa V. Onfido Settlement. The class members whose claims are valid will be paid in three-year installments, beginning with the February 1, 2024.

Sosa v Onfido Settlement Payout Date

On November 9, 2023, the Court approved a settlement between Sosa and Onfido. The class members who filed valid claims are eligible to receive payments in three-year installments, beginning on the first of February 2024.

Your class (Financial Institution, Non-Financial Institution), and the payment method you choose (electronic check or paper cheque) will determine how much and when each installment is due.

This lawsuit covers individuals who have used Onfido verification services in apps and websites between June 12 2015 and May 5 2023.

Sosa v. Onfido Settlement Approval Payout

On November 9, 2023 the Court approved the Sosa V. Onfido Settlement, which paved the way for payments to class members who were eligible. The following is a summary of key facts:


  • Illinois residents who used Onfido services to upload a photo/video with their ID between June 12, 2015. and May 5, 2019.
  • Two classes are divided into:
    • Apps/websites used by financial institutions that have been verified with Onfido.
    • Use of apps/websites by non-financial institution with Onfido Verification (e.g. OfferUp).
  • You can choose between electronic payments (Venmo PayPal Zelle) and paper checks.

Paying by electronic means:

InstalmentDateNFI Class (Estimated Amount)FI Class (Estimated Amount)
1stThe first day of February 2024$69.51$23.69
2ndThe date is February 3, 2025$55.61$18.95
3rdThe date is February 2, 2026$55.61$18.95
4thThe date is February 2, 2027$97.30$33.18
The Total$278.03$94.77

Paper Checks:

InstalmentDateNFI Class (Estimated Amount)FI Class (Estimated Amount)
1stThe first day of February 2024$69.51$23.69
2nd (Final)The date is February 2, 2027$208.52$71.08
The Total$278.03$94.77


  • The amounts shown are estimates. Actual payouts may differ depending on how many valid claims are submitted.
  • We strongly encourage electronic payments due to:
    • Receive your payments faster than with paper checks.
    • Security: electronic payments are less likely to be lost or stolen.
    • It’s convenient: You don’t need to change your address when you make the final payment.

Sosa v. Onfido Settlement Eligibility


  • Illinois residents between June 12 2015 and May 5 2023 are eligible.
  • Onfido will only verify your identity if you have uploaded an image or video and photo ID into an application or website.
  • Your biometric data was collected without your consent.

Two Claim Classes:

There are two categories of eligible people:

  • The Financial Institutions (FI) class includes individuals who have had their identity verified using the Onfido app on a website or by an institution that uses it (e.g. banks, credit Unions).
  • The Non-Financial Institute (NFI), or NFI class, includes individuals who have had their identity verified using an app, website, etc. that is not a financial institution (e.g. online marketplaces and ride-sharing services).

Sosa v. Onfido Settlement Claim Submission

Here are a few alternatives to filing a claim, even though it is past the October 6th deadline.

Understand the situation:

  • The deadline for submitting claims in the Sosa V. Onfido Settlement is October 6, 2023.
  • You may receive a payout if you submit a valid form of claim before the deadline.
  • You are no longer entitled to a payment from the settlement if you’ve not submitted your claim.

Other Options

  • People who have not submitted a claim may still be eligible to:
    • Monitor the official settlement website: for updates and potential future distributions of unclaimed funds.
    • Take individual legal action. Consult an attorney about your options to pursue individual claims against Onfido.

Unclaimed Funds and Future Distributions of the Sosa V. Onfido Settlement

Even though the deadline to submit claims for the Sosa V. Onfido Settlement has passed, you should still be aware of the unclaimed funds as well as any future potential distributions.

Understanding Unclaimed Funds:

  • Unclaimed funds are: Unclaimed funds are any electronic payments, paper checks or cash that remains unclaimed 180 days after the date of issuance.
  • Was happens with them? The funds are returned to their respective settlement fund for distribution.

Possible Future Distributions

  • The court must approve any redistribution.
  • Distribution Criteria The Court will decide the criteria to be used for distribution of these funds. This could include:
    • Existing class members can receive additional payments.
    • Distribute to eligible recipients who did not meet the original claim deadline.
    • Transferring to recipients aligned with settlement objectives (cy pres).

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