Peters vs Apple Settlement Claim Form, Deadline, Payout Amount and Eligibility 

Recently, headlines announced that a settlement of $25 million had been reached in the class-action lawsuit known as Peters against Apple. The case revolved around alleged misrepresentations regarding Family Sharing and the ability of the feature to share subscriptions to non-Apple applications.

Peters vs. Apple Settlement Claim

Walter Peters filed a lawsuit alleging that Apple had misled its users regarding the features of Family Sharing. According to the complaint, Apple’s marketing and advertising implied incorrectly that all App Store subscriptions could be shared in a Family Sharing Group.

The lawsuit claimed that Apple’s promotional materials failed to adequately explain this, which led users into believing their purchases were able to be shared.

Apple Family Share Settlement Payout

Apple Family Sharing is yet to receive its payout. The current state of affairs is as follows:

Payout details:

  • Total settlement is 25 million dollars.
  • How much each person receives depends on how many claims are submitted.
  • It is estimated that individuals could receive between $30 and $50. However, this has not been confirmed.
  • The settlement is not an admission of fault, but does compensate eligible members.

Status of Settlement:

  • The final hearing for approval is set to take place on April 2, 2024.
  • The payments will begin only after final approval. This means that they will not happen until April 2024.

Peters vs Apple Settlement Claim

Apple’s response to the Peters vs. Apple Family Sharing Settlement

Denying Misrepresentation

  • Apple has denied that it misled users regarding the Family Sharing feature. Their marketing materials are clear, they claim.
  • They emphasized the following:
    • App Store terms and conditions state that app developers can choose whether their subscriptions are compatible with Family Sharing.
    • This page explains which features are under developer control.
    • All subscriptions may not be compatible.

The Arguments for Key Arguments

  • Before purchasing, users are responsible for reading the app description and understanding its limitations.
  • Apple can’t force developers to include Family Sharing in their subscriptions.
  • Transparency: The materials clearly stated developer control.

The Settlement Reasons:

  • Apple chose a settlement despite their defense, likely because:
    • A long legal fight can be expensive and uncertain.
    • Reduce the negative impact of the litigation.
    • Offer a possible resolution to affected users, without admitting any fault.

Peters vs. Apple Family Sharing Settlement: Who are the eligible parties?

You must satisfy all the criteria to be eligible for the Peters Family Share Settlement.


  • Between September 5, 2015 and February 15, 20,23, you were a U.S. citizen.

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  • Between September 5, 2015 and February 15, 20,23, you paid subscriptions for non-Apple applications through the App store. The subscriptions for Apple-developed apps are excluded.

Share Attempt

  • The app developer does not allow Family Sharing to be used for the subscriptions.
  • You tried to use the Family Sharing function to share your app subscription, but the developer of the app has set restrictions.

Persons Excluded:

  • Apple Inc. employees, agents, and officers were excluded from the settlement.

What is the Peters Family Sharing Settlement?

Follow the instructions to claim your portion of Peters vs. Apple Family Sharing Settlement.

You can file a claim:

  • Visit the official settlement website:

Claim options

  • Payment ID and Pin: You will have received an email about the suit and a PaymentID and PIN that you can use to submit the claim.
  • You can file your claim even if you don’t have an ID or PIN. Just fill out the required fields on the form.

Please see the following documents:

  • Prepare supporting documentation such as purchase receipts and screenshots of subscription limitations.

Please review and submit:

  • Review your information carefully before sending it by email or mail.

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