Italian Edibles IPO GMP – Open and Close Date, Lot Size, Review, But or Not?

Italian Edibles’ IPO will commence on February 2 and finish on February 7, 2024. DelaPlex, an NSE SME IPO, aims to raise ₹26.66 crores. The Italian Edibles IPO price range is ₹68, with a 2000 share market lot.

Italian Edibles IPO GMP

The price that an initial public offering (IPO) trades at on an unofficial, unregulated grey market before it is listed is known as the grey market premium (GMP). On the listing day, the GMP forecasts the market reaction to a certain company’s initial public offering (IPO).

It’s still extremely early to tell where the GMP will go. Keep checking back for the most recent GMP and more information as we update the data daily. Keep checking back for updates on the daily GMP performance and anticipated listing price of the Italian Edibles SME IPO.

It is important to remember that IPO GMP may fluctuate greatly, making it dangerous to make an investment choice just on Italian Edibles SME IPO GMP. Thus, before investing, weigh all the options and decide whether or not to participate in the Italian Edibles SME IPO.

Italian Edibles Limited IPO Date

The Rs 26.66 crore Italian Edibles IPO is a fixed-price offering. The 39.2 lakh shares are being issued fully anew. The subscription period for the Italian Edibles IPO begins on February 2, 2024, and ends on February 7, 2024. 

On Thursday, February 8, 2024, the allocation for the Italian Edibles IPO is anticipated to be completed. Italian Edibles IPO is scheduled to go public on NSE SME, with a provisional listing date of Monday, February 12, 2024.

IPO Open DateFriday, February 2, 2024
IPO Close DateWednesday, February 7, 2024
Basis of AllotmentThursday, February 8, 2024
Initiation of RefundsFriday, February 9, 2024
The credit of Shares to DematFriday, February 9, 2024
Listing DateMonday, February 12, 2024
The cut-off time for UPI mandate confirmation5 PM on February 7, 2024

The IPO price of Italian Edibles is ₹68 per share. An application must have a minimum lot size of 2000 shares. Retail investors are required to invest a minimum of ₹136,000. HNI requires a minimum investment of two lots, or 4,000 shares, for a total of ₹272,000.

Italian Edibles IPO GMP

How to check Italian Edibles SME Allotment Status?

To find out whether you received an allocation for the Italian Edibles public issue IPO, follow the procedures below;

  • Visit the IPO allotment page for Bigshare Services (registrar).
  • From the drop-down option, choose Italian Edibles as the issuing firm name.
  • You may now choose to submit your DP customer ID/Demat account number, IPO Application number, or PAN number.
  • Input data by the chosen choice.
  • The allocation status will be shown on the screen when you press the ‘Search’ option.
  • Shares that you apply for and that are awarded to you will be shown on the screen.

Italian Edibles IPO Lot Size

There are at least 2000 shares, and maybe more, available for grabs. The lowest and maximum share and amount of investments made by HNIs and retail investors are shown below.

  • Retail (Min): 2000, ₹136,000
  • Retail (Max): 2000, ₹136,000
  • HNI (Min): 4,000, ₹272,000

Objects of the Issue (Italian Edibles IPO)

The firm proposes to use the Net Proceeds from the Issue for the following purposes:

  • Setting up of the proposed manufacturing unit;
  • Repayment of certain Borrowings;
  • To meet incremental working capital requirements; and
  • General Corporate Expenses.

Italian Edibles IPO Review 

The firm sells confections as well as other culinary products. It reported inconsistent top-line results starting in FY23, but a startling increase in bottom-line results. 

Annualized super profits for FY24 suggest that the issue is fully valued. It seems like a recent performance was staged. The market that the business serves is very competitive and divided. It is safe to ignore this problem.

Italian Edibles IPO – Buy or Not

Investors eyeing the Italian Edibles IPO must weigh the allure of the renowned culinary industry against potential risks. With a positive GMP indicating strong market interest, the IPO seems enticing. 

The company’s brand reputation, financial performance, and industry outlook play pivotal roles in the decision. However, prudent investors should exercise caution, considering regulatory challenges and market competition. 

Diligent research is imperative before deciding whether to buy into the Italian Edibles IPO, as the sector’s global appeal could offer lucrative returns, but comprehensive due diligence is crucial for navigating potential risks and uncertainties.

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