IRS Transcript Online – Step-by-step Guide, Eligibility and Benefits!

IRS Transcript Online – Tax collection in the US falls under the purview of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which offers taxpayers the chance to request their transcript online through its website.

IRS Transcript Online

Discover your tax history quickly with IRS Transcripts Online, an intuitive platform offering quick access to three essential documents relating to income details: Tax Return (for income-tax related details), Account (payment history), and Wage and Income Reportings (to report earnings).

Available for current and past years, transcripts are free, convenient, and perfect for loan applications, financial aid verification checks or just simply staying informed.

What are the types of IRS Transcripts?

IRS transcripts are official documents issued by the Internal Revenue Service that outline specific tax information about individuals and businesses, in a condensed format. You might think of them like condensed versions of your tax history – there are three primary types available from them.

Tax Return Transcript: A transcript provides direct details from your filed tax returns regarding income, deductions, credits and filing status – such as income and deduction amounts as well as filing status information – that are made available online for up to three prior tax years.

Tax Account Transcript: Your transcript consolidates data from both your tax return and account to provide payment history, penalties, and any post-filing adjustments or corrections that have occurred since. Accessible online for current year as well as nine prior tax years.

Wage and Income Transcript: This transcript from the IRS shows income reported by third parties like employers as well as what types of income was received (i.e. wages, interest and dividends) over three tax years – currently and two prior. It can be accessed online.

These transcripts serve various functions, such as:

Verifying Income for Loans or Financial Aid Reconciling discrepancies on Your Tax Return
Submitting proof of Income to Government Agencies mes Supporting Applications for Credit, Mortgages or Leases

IRS Transcript Online

IRS Transcripts Eligibility

Although anyone with access to the IRS website and “Get Transcript” page could theoretically access their transcript online, eligibility to do so comes with specific restrictions:

Who Can File: Whoever’s Social Security Number Appeares First on their Tax Return will qualify.
An Authorised Representative may include your spouse, parent, child, attorney, accountant or any other designee with a valid Power of Attorney form on file with the IRS.

Who Is Not Eligible: Non-filers: If you haven’t filed your tax return within the past several years, accessing transcripts online won’t be available to you. Deceased Taxpayer: Transcripts for deceased taxpayers typically cannot be accessed directly online but rather require special arrangements to access.

Certain tax situations: Specialized methods might be needed when handling complex tax situations like amended returns, identity theft issues or specific forms like Form 4506-T.

How to Get Your IRS Transcripts Online?

Accessing IRS transcripts online is quick and straightforward! Use our step-by-step guide below for assistance.

Search the IRS site to access their “Get Transcript” page –

Create an IRS account if you don’t already have one; to do so you will require basic personal details as well as verification using Social Security numbers or tax identification numbers. Existing users with accounts can login using existing credentials to log-in.

Select from Tax Return, Tax Account or Wage and Income Transcripts according to your specific needs.

IRS staff will ask a few security-based questions in order to confirm your identity and safeguard you against identity fraud.

Once verified, your selected transcripts will become instantly accessible – you can view them online, print them for hard copies or save them securely to keep for later.

Benefits of Using IRS Transcripts Online

Utilizing IRS Transcripts Online offers many significant advantages to both individuals and businesses alike:

Convenience and Speed:

Instantaneous Access: Gain instant access to transcripts anytime, 24/7 without mailing forms or waiting on hold with the phone company. No Wait Time: Download or print transcripts immediately on request without waiting time associated with mailing copies of transcripts to you.

Anytime and Anywhere: Access your transcripts anytime from any internet-enabled device regardless of location.

Security and Protection: At the IRS website we take security very seriously to help safeguard sensitive financial data that resides with us. Our Secure Network: To keep all financial transactions private and safe we employ stringent safeguards.

Reduce fraud risk: By eliminating paper transcripts being lost or intercepted, and minimising identity theft risks, electronic systems reduce fraud risks significantly.

Partial Data Masking: Transcripts only display partially-masked personally identifiable information to further strengthen security.


Free service : There are no costs associated with ordering, viewing and downloading your transcripts online.

Elimination of mailing costs: No need to incur postage and printing expenses associated with sending transcripts through traditional means, saving both time and resources on traditional transcript collection processes.

Efficiency and Accuracy:

Multiple Transcript Types (Tx) Available (TCs) for Your Specific Requirements (RCs).

Faster Verification: Simplify loan applications, financial aid processes and any other verification needs by having accessible transcripts ready at hand.

Reduce Errors: Reduce errors associated with manually entering data from paper transcripts by automating this task.

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