IRS Recruitment 2024 – Tax Law Specialist Application Form Deadline 

As part of its IRS Recruitment 2024 plan to improve tax enforcement and customer service, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service plans on hiring additional staff members as tax law specialists by 2 May 2024. Applications should be sent in before this deadline!

IRS Recruitment 2024

IRS Recruitment 2024 offers tax law specialists entry-level opportunities that offer tremendous potential to them as individuals. As an expert in tax law, applying to the IRS opens up a world of professional possibilities as well as training and skill advancement.

Tax Law Specialists account for many senior and leadership teams within the IRS, beginning their careers with them as Tax Law Specialists. Utilizing career ladders GS-5/7/9/11 they are able to progress seamlessly from grade 5 all the way up to 11 without facing further competition; after which point, higher grades can be attained through further competitions.

IRS Recruitment for Tax Law Specialist 2024 offers Grade 11-13 positions. If eligible, income ranges between $69,107 – $145.617 annually.

Utilizing the most cutting-edge advancements in data management systems, telecom networks and microcomputer technology you will become a specialist. Through your interactions with clients, companies, legal and financial sectors and you will act as an active decision maker in each interaction.

IRS Tax Law Specialist Recruitment 2024

As part of this role, You will demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of numerous companies and industries as well as ever-evolving tax and pension regulations. In communication with CPAs, actuaries, pension lawyers and taxpayers – You’ll do more than teach, counsel and evaluate

US Citizenship and a four-year degree or expertise in legal or tax accounting with knowledge of federal tax rules and regulations are prerequisites. Holding either a JD or LLM could even qualify you for better grades.

Apply now! IRS Recruitment 2024 for tax law specialists will open on June 2, 2023 and close two years later on May 2, 2024. Interested people should follow this application procedure outlined by IRS to submit their applications – though all vacancies have yet to be released officially by them shortly.

IRS Recruitment

IRS Recruitment Eligibility 2024

Below are the requirements listed by IRS Careers website for tax law specialists:

Candidates for citizenship of the United States.

Experience in tax accountancy or law, along with knowledge of federal tax rules and regulations is necessary for becoming a certified public accountant (CPA).

Holding either a JD or LLM degree could qualify you for higher grades.

the IRS offers Tax Law Specialists various career ladders and employment types depending on their division and area of specialization.

How to apply for IRS Recruitment 2024?

Following are the procedures necessary for applying to IRS recruiting 2024:

To view open positions with the IRS Careers, browse their website and select their Featured Jobs area.

Select a position within tax law specialist which best satisfies your interests, then press Apply.

After registering on USAJobs and providing some basic personal details, utilize their resume generator to easily create your resume using USAJobs resume creator. Simply input contact and basic personal data before selecting “Generate Resume.”

Fill out an online application and provide all of the needed paperwork – certificates, transcripts and eligibility verification documents – along with payment.

Relieve yourself of anxiety by waiting until receiving the email confirming acceptance and following all applicable guidelines for next steps, which could include interviews and assessment exams.

On USA Jobs’s website, you may also check on the status of your application and reach out to the IRS Recruitment Office with any inquiries; their phone number is 1-866-743-5748 and email is [email protected] for any concerns that arise during processing of applications.

How to check the status of IRS Recruitment 2024?

Follow these steps to monitor how well your application for an IRS Recruitment 2024 tax law specialist position is coming along:

Sign in using USAJOBS here:

Head directly to your Applications from your Dashboard page; your most-updated apps are likely displayed here.

Review all applications listed. Each job application comes complete with its status labeled clearly.

Click “Application Status.”

Once your applications have been received and reviewed, their statuses (Received, Reviewed, Referred, Selected or Hired) will be shown on a list.

To view additional details regarding your application, simply click on the “+”.

Contacting the recruiting company directly may also provide more details; job announcements or emails sent after application confirmation usually contain their contact info.

IRS Recruitment 2024 Salary

IRS will offer selected candidates salaries ranging between $69,107 – $102,166 per year.

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