Health Net Settlement Payout Date and Per Person Amount!

You are included in this Settlement if you were notified by the Health Net Defendants that your personal information was exposed due to the FTA Data Breach. The Settlement provides for the establishment of a $10 million Settlement Fund by the Health Net Defendants, payout may take place in February or March 2024.

Health Net Settlement Payout Date 

The settlement in a combined class action lawsuit against insurer Health Net over a 2011 hack that impacted around 2 million people has received final approval from a California court. On January 11, 2024, a final fairness hearing for the settlement was held. 

A $10 million nationwide settlement of a class action complaint alleging an FTA data breach has been reached by Health Net and other defendants. The payout date for this Settlement has not been announced by officials but it is expected to be soon in February or March 2024.

The class members are individuals who were notified by the Health Net defendants on March 24, 2021, that their personal data had been exposed in an FTA data breach that happened on or around January 20–22, 2021, and now payment release is most awaited.

Health Net Settlement Amount 

Class Members had the option to choose and submit a claim for any of the following benefits under the Settlement:

Cash Fund Payment

  • Cash Fund Payments are available for claims, and the amount of each depends on how many legitimate claims are made. The projected range is $110–$343 for other Class Members and $220–$686 for California Class Members. It is necessary to submit a completed Claim Form, and depending on settlement participation and residual funds, individual payouts may be prorated downward or upward.

Credit Monitoring and Insurance Services 

  • As an alternative to cash fund payments, credit monitoring and insurance services are provided, offering security against unlawful use of personal data. 
  • These services are not the same as the identity resolution services provided by the Health Net Defendants in reaction to the FTA Data Breach. With an estimated retail value of $540, they provide three bureau credit monitoring and identity theft insurance up to $1 million.

Documented Loss Payment

  • You may be eligible to receive up to $10,000 in restitution through a Documented Loss Payment if you paid for identity theft and fraud linked to the FTA Data Breach and your insurance did not cover the costs. Included in this are costs associated with the breach and unreimbursed damages sustained after January 20, 2021.
  • Reasonable proof, such as bank and credit card statements, invoices, phone logs, and receipts, must be included with the claim forms. 
  • For payment connected to fraudulent transactions, the Settlement Administrator examined each and every Claim Form. Depending on the number of Class Members involved, individual cash payments may be prorated downward or upward.

Furthermore, as a consequence of this Action, the Health Net Defendants have consented to implement additional security measures and certain corrective actions.

Health Net Settlement Payout

How do I know whether I am getting my health net Settlement payout or not? 

The Settlement Administrator has recognized you as a Class Member if you received Notice of this Settlement. More precisely, if the Health Net Defendants notified you that your personal information was exposed due to the FTA Data Breach, you are a Class Member and are impacted by this Settlement payout. 

If you did not receive a notice from the settlement administrator then you are not eligible for the settlement payout. You can contact the Settlement Administrator at 855-604-1678, the toll-free number, if you’re still unsure if you’re a Class Member.

Why has the Health Net Class Action Lawsuit Happened? 

The Health Net Defendants declared on or around March 24, 2021, that in January 2021, a data breach involving Accellion, the Health Net Defendants’ file transfer software vendor, allowed an unauthorised user to access personal data about some of their members, including addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, insurance identification numbers, and health information. 

The hack specifically took advantage of flaws in Accellion’s file transfer application, known as the FTA, which gave third parties access to data on specific clients and present and past workers of the defendant’s Health Net.

The plaintiffs allege that they suffered harm as a result of the Health Net Defendants’ inadequate protection of their personal information. The Health Net Defendants refute any misconduct, and no ruling, judgment, or other finding of misconduct or breach of law has been issued by any court or other entity. 

Along with all other allegations made in the Action, the Health Net Defendants refute these. The Health Net Defendants are not acknowledging any wrongdoing by signing the Settlement.

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