H1B Lottery March 2024 – Eligibility, Fee, Application Status, How to apply?

USCIS will implement this process by requiring registrants to provide details regarding each beneficiary’s valid passport or travel document starting with FY 2025’s first registration period for H1B Lottery March 2024 from March 6-22 2024.

H1B Lottery March 2024 Under this new rule, petitioners requesting H-1B visa quotas now have more flexibility when proposing job start dates later than October 1 of any fiscal year for H-1B petitions that fall during H-1B validity periods; petitioners now enjoy greater freedom without needless delays being caused to them and others by petitioning bodies.

USCIS now has authority under this new rule to refuse or cancel H-1B applications that contain false attestation or are otherwise improper, helping it enforce regulations related to the H1B Lottery March 2024 program and protect both US employees and H-1B workers alike.

H-1B Lottery Application Changes and Fees

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently issued two final regulations for its H-1B Visa Program, enabling US firms to recruit foreign workers with specialty areas at an increased fee structure.

On April 1st, one regulation takes effect and significantly raises visa costs from $10 to $110 – for the first time since 2016. Registration charges would also go up significantly and could reach as much as $215 for H-1B visas.

NameH1B Visa Lottery
CountryUnited States
Administering BodyUSCIS
H1B Visa Cap65,000 annually
H1B Visa Master CapAdditional 20,000
Registration Fee10 dollars
H1B Lottery March 2024  March 6, 2024, to March 22, 2024
The second regulation also modifies the H-1B Cap Lottery procedure, setting an annual visa supply at 65,000 with an extra allocation for holders with US master’s degrees or above.

A drawdown system would ensure every beneficiary had an equal chance at selection while discouraging businesses from filing multiple registrations for each employee based on fraudulent registration attempts. Furthermore, FY 2025 H-1B Quota will be subject to certain regulations.

How Can I Register my H1B Visa 2024?

Registrations will be selected for this new lottery not by their employers but rather by individual beneficiaries who submit them.

Examine all details surrounding an H1B visa application at uscis.gov/2024 to ascertain your eligibility and begin petitioning US employment; once submitted submit an H1B petition application at an American Embassy near you. In 2024 USA H1B Visa Eligibility

If you meet all these qualifications, in 2024 you are eligible to register for an H-1B visa.

Hold a four-year bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree; demonstrate capabilities related to training or employment; fulfill requirements to work in research and development; establish employee-employer ties as essential;
Employers are bound by law to abide by prohibitions on strikes, lockouts and work stoppages in labor disputes. When employees’ jobs are terminated they should cover any necessary travel costs to get home (USA H1B Lottery Selection Process 2024).

Uscis.gov H1B Visa 2024 Selection uses the lottery method; below are procedures which may help verify how it operates.

To select applicants for one of a total of 65000 visas available, a lottery is held among all registrants. Furthermore, another lottery takes place to award holders of US master degrees an exclusive CAO Visa valued at $20,000.
USCIS will notify those selected in 90 days to submit their applications; those not chosen can remain in a reserve pool until either round two or three of H1B Lottery 2024 comes around. (H1B Visa Lottery Status 2024).

Utilizing the status option allows one to keep tabs on both their current status and any activity connected with their account. To view their case statuses quickly and efficiently, applicants may click “Go to my Cases”, whereupon an interactive dashboard will open to show three statuses at once:


A submitted application means it was delivered for consideration prior to the end of fiscal year. Once sent in, these submissions should remain under consideration until their consideration concludes.


Individuals whose applications were selected as petitions from among all those submitted within ninety days will need to file them within that time.

Denied (Duplicated) This indicates that multiple registrations were filed under their name by an Registrant.

Filings Not Chosen

Unfortunately, all H1B visa applications that were submitted will no longer be considered for submission.

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