EI Payment Date 2024 – Employment Insurance Benefits & Eligibility!

The EI Payment Date 2024 of each person’s Canada EI payment is different, in contrast to many other financial assistance programs in Canada that pay recipients on predetermined 2024. 

EI Payment Date 2024

Earnings up to the MIE are the limits for which workers are required to pay employee health insurance premiums. Rather than paying you on a calendar-based schedule, this program pays you every two weeks, beginning on the day you get your first payment. 

You may get regular EI benefits for up to 45 weeks, depending on a variety of variables, including the unemployment rate in your area and the total amount of insured hours you have accrued over the previous year. Regular benefits start at 14 weeks.

The income threshold up to which EI premiums are paid is known as the MIE. The maximum rate of weekly benefits awarded for all categories of benefits under the EI program is determined by the MIE.

Maximum EI Payment in Canada

For the majority of people, the base rate for calculating EI benefits is 55% of their average weekly earnings that qualify for coverage, up to a maximum. 

The Maximum EI Payment is the maximum income that is covered by EI premiums.

NameEI Maximum Payment 2024
EI Maximum amount55% of your income
Max Insured earnings$61,500

As of January 1, 2024, the maximum annual amount that may be covered is $63,200. This means that the maximum amount of compensation you may get each week is $668. 

EI Payment Date 2024

As a result, an injured worker’s insurance premiums on salaries up to $61,500 will need to be paid in 2023. The maximum weekly EI payout rate has increased from $638 to $650.

How are EI Payments Received?

As mentioned earlier, as long as you turn in your bi-weekly EI report on schedule, you will normally get further EI payments every two weeks after your first payment. 

The money you get will be withheld for many days or maybe a week if you do not have direct deposit. It’s crucial to understand that EI does not compensate you before you submit reports. 

Who is eligible for EI Benefit Payment 2024?

Your eligibility is determined by the amount of time you worked before your employment ended and the circumstances surrounding your job loss. You need to show that you meet the following criteria to get EI Regular benefits:

  • We’re working in an insured capacity; lost your job due to circumstances beyond your control;
  • Experienced at least seven days without pay or work in the previous 52 weeks;
  • Accrued the required number of hours in an insured capacity during the previous 52 weeks, or since the beginning of your most recent unemployment insurance claim, whichever is less;
  • Are prepared, willing, and able to work every day; are actively seeking employment

To calculate your EI benefit payment, we look at your highest earning weeks over the last 52 weeks, or since your last claim began. 

Types of EI Benefits 2024

EI compensation is divided into many categories based on the cause of unemployment. View the categories of EI benefits below.

EI Benefit CategoryMaximum LengthPercentage of IncomeMaximum Dollar Amount
Regular benefits45 weeksNA$650 per week
Sickness benefits26 weeks55%$650 per week
Maternity and parental benefits12 months 

+6 months



$650 per week 

$390 per week

Caregiving benefits35 weeks55%$650 per week

All EI Payment Date 2024 kinds have their maximum weekly payment rates set by the MIE Starting on January 1, 2024.

EI Payment Benefit Amounts

The income threshold up to which EI premiums are paid is known as the MIE. The maximum rate of weekly benefits paid for all benefit kinds under the EI program is set by the MIE.

As of January 1, 2024:

  • The $63,200 maximum insurable earnings replaces the $61,500 limit.
  • For each $100, the employee’s insurance premium is $1.66.
  • Until the MIE for 2024 is achieved, a payroll deduction of $1.66 is levied for each $100 an employee is paid.
  • For instance, if a worker makes $75,000 a year, premiums are only due on the first $63,200.
  • The employee’s maximum yearly EI premium will be $1,049.12 as opposed to $1,002.45 in 2023.

For claims made starting on December 31, 2023, or later:

  • The maximum weekly EI compensation rate rises from $650 to $668.
  • Extended parental benefits now have a maximum weekly benefit rate of $401 (up from $390).

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