Digital Detox Program – What is it? Enrollment Process, Deadline and Winner!

A firm called Siggi’s is prepared to provide 10 fortunate individuals who decide to take part in their 30-day digital detox program $10,000 in addition to other rewards. 

Digital Detox Program 

If participants finish a month-long “digital detox” with their phone confined in a box, a yogurt business will pay them $10,000.

Siggi’s Dairy, well-known for its yogurt made in the Icelandic tradition, announced that participants in its Digital Detox Program would get $10,000 if they agree to give up phones for a month.

Legal residents of all 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, who are at least 18 years old, are eligible to enter, according to Siggi’s. 

The total value of the prize package for all ten winners is about $11,159, or $111,590. Along with the $10,000 prize per person, victors of the sweepstakes may anticipate receiving a few more delights from Siggi’s. 

  • A lockbox for smartphones
  • The traditional flip phone
  • Three months’ supply of Siggi’s yogurt
  • A one-month prepaid SIM card

Researchers’ estimates of how much time Americans spend on their cellphones differ. EcoATM, an organisation that purchases used phones, and Siggi’s calculated a somewhat higher amount 5.4 hours each day.

How to Enrol Yourself in a Digital Detox Program?

To be considered for siggi’s digital detox program, applicants must fill out an online form by Wednesday, January 31st. Here is the step by step complete process to Enrol yourself for the digital detox program. 

  • Navigate to the official selected portal for participating in Digital Detox Program accessible at
  • Read all the official rules created for this program and you must be 18 years or above. 
  • Here, you need to put all the requirements regarding requested information: name, email, country, etc.
  • Then write the required essay. 
  • Lastly, hit the “submit” button in order to supply your form.

Digital Detox Program

What is the deadline to Enrol yourself in the Digital Detox Program?

The initiative, which drew inspiration from “Dry January,” is taking applications through January 31. Ten participants will be chosen for the digital detox, and they will be required to store their devices in a lockbox supplied by Siggi’s for a whole month. 

“We think there’s strength in leading a less complicated, less distracted existence. Our phones are among the main sources of distraction in our life these days. The typical user uses their phone for 5.4 hours per day”, according to the company’s website.

A phone lockbox, a “good ol’ fashioned flip phone” with a one-month prepaid SIM card, $10,000, and a three-month supply of Siggi’s yogurt will be given to the chosen winners who finish the program.

When Will the winner of the Digital Detox Program be announced?

On 15 February, the ten winners who will take part in the program will be revealed. The participants will then begin their adventure into a smartphone-free zone after receiving money, a flip phone, a smartphone lock box, a month’s prepaid sim card, and sixty cups of Siggi’s yogurt.

The entries will then be judged by the firm based on their originality, inventiveness, and adherence to the subject. It anticipates revealing the winners by about February 15.

What is the Purpose and Benefits of Digital Detox?

The process of getting rid of harmful elements or toxins is called “detoxification.” A digital detox is the term used to describe a predetermined amount of time during which a person abstains from using the gadgets and social media platforms that have become such an essential part of daily life, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and televisions. 

We go on a digital detox to give ourselves time back to live life in the real world, free from electronic distractions. It’s a chance to relax take a break from the continual proximity, and reestablish genuine ties with people rather than connecting with them through a screen. 

You’ll get a number of advantages when you put down your electronics and concentrate on the real world, including: 

  • Reduced tension
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Improved sleep 
  • Improved interpersonal connections
  • More time for your favourite activities

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