Diesel Fuel Rebate – Required Documents and how to claim?

Over a decade ago, Ireland launched a scheme, where qualifiers would get half a  refund on the mineral oil tax when diesel is purchased within the state by your business or got used in transport activities. The Irish scheme is well known as the Diesel Rebate Scheme.

Diesel Fuel Rebate 

The Diesel Rebate Scheme in Ireland was started on July 1, 2013. Under the scheme, the revenue will pay back excise paid mineral oil tax to taxpayers who:

  • Purchased diesel within the state for the business.
  • Purchased diesel which is used for any transport activities related to the business.
  • Or the diesel is used in qualifying motor vehicles.

The beneficiary can claim the repayment for the auto-diesel purchased in a duration of four months period for the previous three-month payment. For instance, to claim for January to March you submit the claim between the period of April and July. This means that you can claim the repayment every quarter: 

  1. January, 
  2. April, 
  3. July, 
  4. October.

How to Register for DRS?

To qualify for the diesel fuel rebate, you should have a Road transport operator license issued by the Republic of Ireland. 

To register yourself for the DRS follow the below steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the Revenue On-Line Service portal. https://www.ros.ie/
  • Step 2: Log in to the portal 
  • Step 3: Go to the tab called “Services”
  • Step 4: Click the Manage Tax Registrations
  • Step 5: Register yourself by filling in the required details.

Diesel Fuel Rebate

Documents Required for DRS Registration

Check the following documents that you must have for the DRS registration:

  • Transport operators engaged in any cargo of goods with commercial purposes i.e. Road Haulage operators must have a national or international road haulage operator’s license.
  • Operators who operate passenger transport must have either a national or international road passenger transport operator license.
  • Transport Operator’s Licence number on the vehicle.
  • Your present Tax clearance certificate.
  • Transport manager’s certificate of professional competence number.

How do you claim your Diesel Fuel Rebate?

  • The road transport operators who have registered under the scheme are qualified for the scheme and can submit their claims through the ROS portal that we have used for registration above.
  • If you have large vehicles you can submit your claims by uploading an offline file.

Details you will need to claim your repayment

Check the following details so you can easily claim your rebate:

  • Active transport operator license in your claim period.
  • Active Transport Manager’s certificate of professional competence number in the period you have claimed the rebate.

For each vehicle, the qualifier will need the following documents:

  • Registration number of your vehicle.
  • The odometer readings at the beginning of the claim period as well as at the end of the repayment period.
  • The quality of the diesel you purchased through your fuel card.
  • The quality of diesel bought through bulk supply.

Make sure for each fuel card, you have:

  • Revenue-approved Fuel card number  
  • The overall volume of diesel bought in the state.
  • The total volume of auto-diesel on which you have claimed the repayment.

Note: If your fuel card is not on the ROS list, then contact your card provider. It is highly important for the claim as a fuel card would determine the purchase of your auto-diesel for your vehicle or business transport activities.

If you have purchased the diesel from a bulk supply, check the things you will need to claim your repayment:

  • The name of the supplier, address, and auto-fuel trader’s license number.
  • Invoice
  • The volume of diesel you purchase each time.
  • Date of delivery.

With all the above details, you are all ready to claim your Diesel Fuel rebate.

How to calculate the Diesel Rebate rates?

The diesel rebate rates are calculated via the national average purchase price. The scale base on which the rate is calculated is given below: 

  • The beneficiary under the scheme will get support when the retail price is €1.23 per liter or above including the VAT.
  •  As a person who exercises the mineral oil tax, you will get 7.5 cents per liter, when the price of diesel in the state is over €1.43 per liter.

Hope this information helps you get the benefit of the Diesel Fuel rebate scheme. 

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