Aadhaar PVC Card Apply – Step-by-step Guide to Order online!

An individual’s Aadhaar acts as evidence of identity. When an Indian citizen applies for an Aadhaar, they are given a unique Aadhaar number. A person receives an Aadhaar PVC Card Apply number, which is a 12-digit random number

Aadhaar PVC Card Apply

The government agency that grants Aadhaar is called the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). After completing the verification procedure and providing the bare minimum of personal biometric and demographic data, an individual is granted an Aadhaar.

You can’t provide someone else with someone else’s Aadhaar number. Because the Aadhaar PVC Card Apply is connected to an individual’s biometrics, there can’t be two Aadhaar numbers. For residents’ convenience, the UIDAI has periodically launched new Aadhaar forms, including eAadhaar, mAadhaar, and Aadhaar Letter.

The Aadhaar PVC Card is the most recent version of Aadhar that the UIDAI has released. Aadhaar reprinting on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cards is now permitted by UIDAI; anyone may receive these cards by submitting an application or a request via the UIDAI website https://www.uidai.gov.in. 

How to apply for the new PVC Aadhaar card?

The five steps listed below may be used to apply online for the new PVC Aadhaar card:

  • Go to the “Order Aadhaar PVC” page under “My Aadhaar” on the UIDAI website https://www.uidai.gov.in or https://myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in.
  • Enter your Enrollment ID (EID), virtual ID, or UID number; after that, complete the captcha and choose “send TOTP” (time-based OTP) or “send OTP” (one-time password). Next, click the Submit button after entering the OTP or TOTP and checking the Terms and Conditions box.
  • To get the OTP or TOTP, you must tick the box labeled “My mobile number is not registered” if your mobile number is not registered.
  • After confirming the Aadhaar data shown on the preview page, choose the “Make payment” option.
  • You won’t be able to see the preview if your cell number isn’t registered.
  • Select a payment method from online banking, UPI, and cards (credit or debit).
  • A receipt is created upon successful payment and may be retrieved by selecting the “download payment receipt” option.

The UIDAI gives the card to the Department of Post within five working days from the date you order the Aadhaar PVC card. Your order will be sent to you via expedited shipping.

Aadhaar PVC Card Apply

Security Features Of The Aadhaar PVC Card

Any version of Aadhaar may be chosen by a person based on what works best for them. Without favoring one Aadhaar form over another, all of them are accepted as identification documents.

The following enhanced security measures are included with the PVC Aadhaar card:

  • Issue Date
  • Guilloche Pattern
  • Invisible logo
  • Secure QR code
  • Ghost image
  • Print date
  • Hologram
  • Micro text
  • Embossed Aadhaar logo

What are the Things To Know Before Ordering a PVC Aadhaar Card?

Before requesting a PVC Aadhaar card, make sure to be aware of the following important information:

  • To apply for the document, you need to have any of the following numbers:
  • Adhaar number
  • Enrollment ID / Virtual ID
  • Without payment, you won’t be able to place your purchase.
  • After five working days from the date of your order to the DoP, UIDAI expeditiously uploads your PVC Aadhaar. DoP then uses the standard delivery procedure to deliver your card. As a result, after applying, you must wait at least 7 days to receive the delivery at your home.

Benefits Of The Aadhaar PVC Card

The newest Aadhaar PVC card offers a lot of advantages. Unlike the lengthy Aadhaar letter form, it is small enough to fit within a wallet and is comparable in size to an ATM or debit card. It is variable in size, like a pocket. 

It is robust, easy to carry, safe, and secure. Offline, it may also be promptly verified. It contains several security safeguards including a digitally signed, secure QR code with a picture.

How to check PVC Aadhaar card application status?

After placing your purchase, you may use the three procedures listed below to verify the progress of your PVC Aadhaar card:

  • On the official UIDAI website, choose the option to “Check Aadhaar PVC Card Status.”
  • After entering the captcha and your UID number, click “send OTP” or “send TOTP.” Check the “Terms and conditions” box after receiving the OTP/TOTP before pressing the “Submit” button.
  • By selecting the “Download Acknowledgement Slip” option, you may download the acknowledgment slip in addition to seeing the service request number (SRN Number) and application status.

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